lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

August 30, 2006

Some people think that there's no love without pain, and i think so too. Cause the love i feel for you, is so big and intense that hurts!, but hurts in such a special way... at the end, that pain becomes pleasure, happiness. It's like if there were a line, between joy and sadness, and with every word of yours, (or at any despite, u know), i was walking in that line, from sensation to sensation, jumping on feelings. I know it sounds weird, but hey! love is weird. At least my love for you is. How could i say it?, i love you because with you i feel happiness, sometimes sadness, and sometimes, both at the same time? How could i xplain?, i need you cause i like the pain of wanting and needing someone i could never have, but im still trying, to be with you, i don't know why!.
i wish you know that sometimes you drive me crazy and some other times, you hurt me.

Let me be part of your life, to be no longer a lost soul, please be the source of my joy.

What do you think?- i ask, hoping she likes the way i feel.

It's... strange- she answered, confused

Tender love is overrated, sick love is in.

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Beckiee dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

ge zeta dijo...

Me gustaba más el otro =(

Xellif dijo...

si me gustaba mas el otro, que onda con eso de borrar posts, no es chido ¬¬

Nikarim dijo...

I'm a bit confused. First, i did't knew that this blog was bilingual, but it's ok (¿?)... ok no. And i liked the other one too, but as i said my friend was so shocked with it and i think he is still down.

Pimpollo dijo...

Chale, asi me siento respecto a la tipa que me gusta

Beckiee dijo...

al parecer a todos les gusto el otro post
y ahora me veo kmo una estupida por andar con alguien quien piensa eso de mi

Beckiee dijo...

pero bueno, divierte diciendole todo gaycolectivo como te sientes conmigo... o almenos dime a mi la vdd

Subversiva dijo...

Maldita sea Nerdest!
Yo no lei el anterior! y las estadisticas dicen que era bueno, ponlo de nuevo, andale si???